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Doctor-Slave Relationship

Today, CBS News Correspondent Christopher Glenn, looks at doctor-slave relationship.

His own physician turned him into a junkie by pretending to treat migraine headaches, and then extracting from him goods and services of extraordinary value.

Attorney Gregory Khafoury's client Larry Benson has won a $900,000 malpractice suit in Portland, Oregon, against urologist David Rosencrantz, who treated him for testicular cancer and then, Benson says, kept him in thrall for 15 years.

"In the early 80's, he called me up one day and he wanted to see if I could get him some discounts on some food for his kids, for a school party, 'cause I was managing a grocery store. So I got him the food and he started giving me pain pills for my headaches."

He says it never stopped, even after he became a car salesman.

"He'd always tell me, 'well, I looked in my basement, I looked in my attic, I just don't have any pills.' Then at six o'clock the next morning he'd call me and say, 'gee, I my salesman just came in and gave me some pills I need new tires on my jeep."

The attorney says Benson tried to break his chains, but no one would listen.

"He went to the board of medical examiners. They just blew him off, thought he was a crazy. He returned with tape recordings...he had secretly taped the doctor. The doctor admitted, basically, and demonstrated the nature of the relationship."

Two years ago, the state Board suspended the doctor's license for nine months for inappropriately prescribing for Benson.
Benson's been treated for his addiction and says he rarely gets headaches anymore. Now, he's had his day in court.

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