Doc Drops "F Bomb" on Woman Hoping to Drop Weight; Complaint Filed Over Hard to Swallow Insult

NEW ZEALAND (CBS) She clearly likes everything sugar coated, but her surgeon says that's her biggest problem.

A New Zealand woman claims her surgeon didn't mince words when counseling her on gastric bypass surgery -- in fact he chose some of the juiciest ones.

The woman, referred to as "Ms. A" in complaint papers, says "Dr. B" told her she was "going on a f---ing diet" and used the f-bomb at least three other times during their consultation, according to the New Zealand Herald.

"Ms. A" claims that the tirade came when she said she preferred talking about her "lifestyle" rather than the word "diet." After she filed a complaint, the woman says the doctor removed her from a waiting list in retaliation, according to the paper.

"Ms. A" said in her complaint letter: "[The doctor] said if I couldn't handle the word diet then he challenged my motivation and stated that I would never survive surgery because I was still bullshitting myself and therefore my thinking was still f****d."

"Ms. A" claims that she swims three times a week and is an active working mother but has trouble sticking to diets and therefore always gains the weight back.

Associate Health Minister Tariana Turia, who has had the operation herself, was approached by the woman and told the Herald Tuesday that the surgeon's behavior was "scandalous."

In a decision to be published Wednesday, the Health and Disability Commissioner Ron Paterson finds the general and gastro-intestinal surgeon - and his district health board - breached the code of patients' rights.