Do you have trouble recognizing faces? Take a test

If you suspect you might be "face blind," here's a test that may provide an answer

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This week on "60 Minutes" Lesley Stahl reports on people who are "face blind." It's a mysterious and sad condition that keeps sufferers from recognizing or identifying faces -- even the faces of close family members, children, or spouses. Many "face blind" people don't even know they have it.


If you suspect you might be "face blind," you'll find a test in the above video that may provide an answer. We show you a series of pictures of famous people and ask you to figure out who they are.

If you have trouble identifying the faces in our test, we suggest that you check out where you can learn about face blindness and take other tests created by Professor Brad Duchaine and his colleagues at Dartmouth College.

Editor's Note: This segment was originally published on March 18, 2012