Do Police Suspect Lab Technician Killed Yale Student Annie Le?

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Photo: Annie Le from Facebook.

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (CBS/AP) So was it a Yale laboratory technician who killed Annie Le, the 24-year-old graduate student whose body was found stuffed in the wall of a medical research building on campus?

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For now police aren't saying, even though several news organizations have given conflicting reports regarding exactly what police know and who they suspect is responsible.

On Monday Crimesider reported that police had narrowed their list down to one person of interest who had failed at least one polygraph test. That came from a police source close to the investigation. Police have since publicly pulled back from that information. New Haven police spokesman Joe Avery denied those reports late Monday.

Other news outlets have reported that the prime suspect had defensive wounds on his or her body. Avery has now shot that down too.

Is the prime suspect a student? Police have given conflicting answers to that question.

And finally, are the police looking closely at a lab technician who might have worked in the same building as Annie Le? Some news outlets have reported it.

The New Haven Independent has gone so far as to describe this person as "a lab technician who works with animal testing at Yale." The report also said, "The technician allegedly had an unrequited love interest in Annie Le." The paper does admit it could not independently verify that information other than through an unnamed "law enforcement source familiar with the probe."

Is it any of it true? For now police just aren't saying.

We do know the state's chief medical examiner has ruled Le's death a homicide, but declined to say how she died, citing the pending police investigation.

The office said Tuesday that it would release the results of Le's autopsy amid indications that police were preparing to make an arrest in her killing. A spokeswoman said the results would be released after 3 p.m. Tuesday.

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Photo: Annie Le and fiance Jonathan Widawsky from Facebook.

New Haven police have said that Le's killing was not a random act and they are analyzing what they call "a large amount" of physical evidence, but have not gone into detail.

In a meeting of medical school students and teachers Monday, Yale president Richard Levin said police have narrowed the number of potential suspects to a very small pool because building security systems recorded who entered the building and what times they entered, the Yale Daily News reported Tuesday.

He said the appropriate people are being monitored, the newspaper said. The killing took place in a heavily secured building accessible only to students and university employees.

Le's body was found in the basement in a wall chase — a deep recess where utilities and cables run between floors. The basement houses rodents, mostly mice, used for scientific testing by multiple Yale researchers. According to its Web site, the Bennett Laboratory was involved in enzyme research that could have implications in cancer, diabetes and muscular dystrophy.

As with the science being performed at Annie Le's laboratory, we will have to wait for answers to her murder.

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