Do people still kiss under the mistletoe? Let's all find out

(CBS News) I don't know about you, but I've never actually kissed under the mistletoe. Don't get me wrong, I know about the tradition. And think I would gladly engage in it if the opportunity arose. But do people still honor this holiday act of affection? Let's find out in the experiment above.

Wow! Did you see and hear that slap he got? The playful experiment (or prank) features Kaitlin Snow and Nate Turley as "bait" and was posted by YouTube user Stuart Edge who writes:

Have you ever wondered if the tradition of the mistletoe is still alive? Watch this video to find out!

While it appears things got a lot better for Nate after that failed first attempt (seriously, ouch!), I think I detected a difference in the way people reacted to him versus Kaitlin. What do you all think? Feel free to leave me some comment love below with your thoughts and mistletoe experiences. And to check out more work from Stuart Edge, you can visit his YouTube page by clicking here.