DJ Seasunz Had History of Violence Before College Freshman Jaclyn Torrealba Murder

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Facebook Photo: Juan Carlos Portieles, aka DJ Seasunz.

NEW YORK (CBS) Crimesider has learned that Juan Carlos Portieles, aka DJ Seasunz, the 30-year-old Miami disc-jockey who allegedly killed his lover, college freshman Jaclyn Torrealba, had been arrested four times before, once for badly beating up an ex-girlfriend.

PICTURES: Miami Freshman Jaclyn Torrealba Murdered

A 1997 arrest warrant for burglary with assault obtained by Crimesider, shows that Portieles's ex-girlfriend at the time called Miami-Dade police after a violent altercation with the record-spinner.

The woman told police that after knocking on her door repeatedly, Portieles broke into her bedroom window and proceeded to hit her in the face approximately ten times "with a closed fist," and then pushed her to the bed and left the residence. When she went to the front door to see if he had left, Portieles "grabbed her by the sides of her head and, with his thumbs on her eyes, pressed inward causing her considerable pain," according to the report. Then he left.

When police picked up Portieles later that evening, he would not admit to having hit her and said he had only stopped by the home to pick up some things.

The woman had numerous bruises in the area around her eyes, which were bloodshot, the report states.

The charge for burglary with assault was filed under "withhold of adjudication," according to Detective Alvaro Zabaleta of the Miami-Dade Police Department, meaning the time he served in holding was considered sufficient and he was made to pay a fine.

In addition to the 1997 charge, Portieles was arrested in 2001 for marijuana possession; in 1997 for destruction of property; and a sealed juvenile incident in 1995, according to his arrest record, obtained by Crimesider from the Miami-Dade Police Department.

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Facebook Photo: Jaclyn Torrealba.
PICTURES: Miami Freshman Jaclyn Torrealba Murdered

On Oct. 11, more than a decade after those run-ins with the law, Portieles drove himself to a Miami Dade police station and admitted to killing his current girlfriend Jaclyn Torrealba, an 18-year-old college freshman at Florida International University, according to the arrest report.

Her dead body was still in the passenger seat of his car.

According to the arrest warrant, Portieles choked Torrealba until she stopped breathing and then drove to multiple friends' homes, where he told them what he had done. He then drove her body to a police station, where he was questioned and arrested, according to the report.

Torrealba was in the top ten percent of her high school class and a member of the debate team, and had dreamed of studying law.

As for Portieles' past offenses, the disc-jockey was treated rather kindly.

Like the burglary with assault charge, his marijuana possession charge was filed under "withhold of adjudication," according to Detective Alvaro Zabaleta of the Miami-Dade Police Department.

"The time that he spent in jail, whether it be two or three days, counted as timed served and they made him pay fines," Zabaleta said.

The misdemeanor destruction of property charge in 1997 was dropped by prosecution, according to Portieles' record.

His juvenile records are sealed.

PICTURES: Miami Freshman Jaclyn Torrealba Murdered

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