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DJ Fired For Prank On Baseball Widow

The disc jockey who made an on-air prank call to the widow of St. Louis Cardinals' pitcher Darryl Kile was fired, a radio station announced Monday.

KUPD-FM morning radio personality Beau Duran called Flynn Kile at her hotel room and asked if she had a date to Thursday's playoff game. It didn't stop there as Duran told Mrs. Kile she was "hot."

The prank raised intense anger among the Cardinals and the City of St. Louis.

KUPD suspended Duran last week, but advertisers pulled their spots from the station and citizens continued to speak out against the stunt.

In a written statement Monday, general manager Chuck Artigue said Duran was fired.

In the statement released by the station, Duran said, "I am truly sorry for having offended Mrs. Kile and the Cardinals organization."

Kile, a starting pitcher for the Cardinals, died from blocked coronary arteries in June while in Chicago for a game.

Duran had been part of a morning program on the station called "Morning Sickness."

It was the second known instance this year of firing on-air radio personalities for a stunt in bad taste. Two New York City broadcasters were terminated for broadcasting a live account of a couple allegedly having sex in St. Patrick's Cathedral.