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Divvyus: Task Delegation Made Easy

Looking for an easy way to divvy up a project? Check out Divvy Us, a clever Web tool for delegating tasks.

All you do is name your project, then enter each task on a different line. Divvy Us gives you two URLs: one to share with team members, one for you to administer the "Divvy."

Anyone who gets the public link can claim a task just by clicking the corresponding button and entering their name. No one has to sign up for anything, nor even supply an e-mail address. It's quick, easy, and efficient. I love it.

Obviously this won't work for every team and project, but it might be just the ticket if you need, say, volunteers for a company event, or you want to see which employees show the most initiative.

Divvy Us reminds me a lot of Which Date Works, the Web service that helps groups pinpoint an acceptable date for meetings and the like. I highly recommend bookmarking both.