Diver holding hands with a grey seal is the underwater video you've been waiting for

(CBS News) This right here is the underwater viral video you've been waiting for, but never realized... until now. Watch an amazing moment caught on film of a scuba diver holding hands with a grey seal in the video above and prepare to have your jaw drop to the floor.

I never truly understood what The Beatles meant when they sang "I want to hold your hand" until this very moment, because I so wish I could be that scuba diver right now! The stunning underwater clip was posted to YouTube by underwater wildlife cameraman Ben Burville who writes:

Grey seal interacts with Ben Burville "Seal diver" off Northumberland coast. The front flippers of the seal can grasp much like a human hand.

It reminds me a bit of the startling and beautiful footage we posted about earlier this month of dolphins swimming underwater. And it goes without saying (though I'll go ahead and say it anyways) that this video has earned a big triple-rainbow salute of wonder and awe from all of us here at The Feed. Thank you so much for deciding to hold the hand of that grey seal and share the moment with us and the world, Ben!  To check out more amazing underwater footage and photography, you can visit Ben Burville's YouTube page by clicking here.