Disturbing Trend: Jasmine Fiore Death Photos

Photo: Jasmine Fiore as seen in a video from Ryan Jenkins' MySpace page.

NEW YORK In the wake of bikini model Jasmine Fiore's murder, people have been intensively using the search engine Google to find images of the woman who once worked for Playboy. That's not surprising. Fiore was beautiful and vibrant and America has long been fascinated with the murder of women like Fiore.

Photos: Jasmine Fiore, Bikini Model Murder

But a new trend is deeply disturbing. People are now searching for images of Jasmine Fiore's dead body. As of noon on Aug. 24, 2009, "Jasmine Fiore Death Photo" was number six on Google's trend chart, a site which maps the rapid increase in popularity of what people are searching for.

On Saturday, gossip site TMZ posted a picture of Fiore's dead and mutilated body. Police say Fiore's dead body was found in a bloody suitcase, her fingers and teeth removed to avoid detection, forcing police to identify the former model by the serial numbers on her breast implants.

We did not view the image, but according to one writer's account, TMZ posted a grainy shot in which "the suitcase she was stuffed in, and a faint outline of her mutilated body," could be seen.

TMZ quickly removed the image after a public outcry. But that hasn't stopped the demand for it and the Internet being the Internet means the image is sure to be available somewhere.

We hope you don't search for it.

As for Ryan Jenkins, after a weeklong manhunt his dead body was found by police in a seedy Canadian motel, an apparent suicide.

Jenkins was charged with Fiore's murder.

Photos: Jasmine Fiore, Bikini Model Murder

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