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Display Your Portfolio in LinkedIn

Odds are good that you own a LinkedIn account, and you probably even have a resume on file there. But if you are a creative type and want to make sure that your connections have access to a rich media portfolio, you've generally been out of luck -- you've had to steer people to sites other than LinkedIn.

Not anymore. Now it's possible to display your portfolio on LinkedIn using the free Creative Portfolio Display. Creative Portfolio Display is a LinkedIn app that shows off your projects that you're shared at the Behance Network.

We've already told you about Behance -- it's a social networking portfolio hosting site that's optimized for graphic designers and artists.

This is a powerful solution for all manner of visual artists. You can upload text, photos, video, and more for free, and even embed content from Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, and other sites as well. LinkedIn just got 30% more powerful for spreading the word about your awesomeness.