Diplomat: U.S. military not the answer in Syria

CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley spoke to U.S. Ambassador Robert Ford, who led now-shuttered embassy in Damascus.

Twenty-eight people died on Friday in Aleppo, Syria after two explosions hit security compounds.

Though state TV said terrorists caused the violence, rebels blame the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who has led a brutal 11-month crackdown on anti-government protests. Army attacks on the rebel stronghold of Homs killed more than 60 people on Thursday, according to human rights groups.

Because of the increasingly dangerous situation, American diplomats were evacuated from the the Syrian embassy in Damascus on Monday. CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley spoke to Ambassador Robert Ford, now in Paris, who led the embassy in its final days.

Ford said the U.S. is intervening in Syria through sanctions, humanitarian aid and other actions, but has no plans for a military intervention like the one in Libya last year.

"We are hugely concerned by the killings of the civilians in places like Homs, I mean it's very disturbing," Ford told Pelly. "All of us look at these pictures and we're horrified by them they're revolting. However we want to find other ways not using military force to bring a solution."

Watch the full interview with CBS Evening News' Scott Pelley below:

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