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Diddy-Dirty Money Makes"Idol" Debut

Diddy-Dirty Money premiered its new single "Hello, Good Morning" Wednesday night on this week's "American idol" results show.

In an over-the-top performance featuring singing, dancing, staircases, smoke , spotlights and strobe lights, lead singer Diddy, also known as the actor-singer Sean Combs, ordered the audience to turn their TVs up and their lights down and "rock with us."

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Dressed all in white, Diddy introduced the other members of his new group Dirty Money, Dawn Richard and Kalenna. The single is part of a soon-to-be-released (June 22) album titled "Last Train to Paris."

If you missed the Diddy -Dirty Money performance on "Idol," you can catch it again this weekend at the opening of the NCAA championship coverage Saturday on CBS. LL Cool J. also is expected to perform.