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Did Twins Kill Mother? Victim "Afraid" of Girls, Says Neighbor

Jasmiyah and Tasmiyah Whitehead (CBS/WGCL)

CONYERS, Ga. (CBS/WGCL) Sixteen-year-old twin sisters in Georgia have been charged with the murder of their mother, and according to one neighbor, the girls' mother feared the twins.

Conyers Police arrested Tasmiyah and Jasmiyah Whitehead on Friday following an investigation that began in January, when the girls' mother was found dead.

The two are charged as adults with the murder of Jarmecca Whitehead, who was found stabbed to death in her home on Jan. 13.

Before she died, Jarmecca, who was known as Nikki, confided in a neighbor. "The mother was kind of afraid that something like that might happen," neighbor Angela Avery told CBS affiliate WGCL. "I can't explain why because the mother didn't do a lot of talking, but she did have that particular fear. Yes, she did."

Police arrested one of the girls at Tucker High School, east of Atlanta, and the other at a relative's home.

"They did not appear to be surprised and they did not offer any apologies," Conyers Police Chief Gene Wilson told the CBS station.

Police said conflicting statements and evidence pointed to the sisters. Avery said the girls had recently moved back with their mother and boyfriend. Four days after they moved in, their mother was found dead.

Several neighbors told WGCL that the family was known to have issues. No one would elaborate beyond saying it was family trouble.

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