Dickerson: Trump and Clinton both have transparency strikes

Presidential transparency

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is once again being accused of a lack of transparency, thanks to the revelation that the Democratic candidate was diagnosed with pneumonia last week. 

“These kinds of moment give you some sense of the habits of openness of a campaign and that’s important because it tells you how open they might be in the White House,” said “Face the Nation” host John Dickerson.

Clinton already had strikes against her with the scandal over her private email server while secretary of state. But Donald Trump is not in the clear either, says Dickerson.

“There are certain demands of a campaign. Do you turn over you tax returns? Do you turn over your medical records? Hillary Clinton has done that ... [Donald Trump] has done nothing on tax returns and very little on health.”

Dickerson said the candidates are also in a “a tug of war” over Clinton’s comment calling half of Trump supporters “deplorables​.”

Donald Trump says the comment suggests that Clinton is disdainful of working people, whereas Clinton would like to spin the comment to apply to Trump’s statements about women, minorities, and Muslims.

“Depending on who wins that tug of war, that will determine if those comments help or hurt Hillary Clinton,” Dickerson said.