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Hillary Clinton's medical scare highlights her transparency problem

Impact of Clinton health scare
How will Clinton's pneumonia scare impact campaign? 03:32

After abruptly leaving a September 11th Memorial ceremony on Sunday, Hillary Clinton’s health has become a major issue in this election.  Video has emerged showing Clinton apparently struggling to get into a car taking her to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment in Manhattan.  The Clinton campaign blamed the incident on overheating and stated that the former Secretary of State had been diagnosed with pneumonia by her doctor last Friday.  Many have questioned the Clinton campaign’s handling of the incident and thediagnosis raising alarm at the lack of transparency displayed surrounding Clinton’s health.

“Face the Nation” moderator and CBS News Political Director John Dickerson was asked Monday on “CBS This Morning” if her medical issues will be problematic throughout the remainder of the campaign. 

“I think it’s problematic,” Dickerson said and added, “and there will be a lot of questions about, ‘let’s see her full medical records.’”  Dickerson, however, stressed the incident highlighted Clinton’s problem of transparency. An issue that he called her candidacy’s “Achilles’ heel.”

“I think the transparency issue with Hillary Clinton in particular, but both candidates is: What is their instinct?”  Dickerson asked.  “When no one’s looking, are they telling the truth? When they get caught, do they tell the truth?”

Another aspect of the transparency issue Dickerson brought up related to the people both candidates surrounded themselves with. 

“Are they cocooned by people who protect them? Who keep the press away for 90 minutes – what’s the cocooning function for both of these candidates?” The “Face the Nation” moderator asked.  These questions are important for a presidential candidate, according to Dickerson, because of the alienating nature of the presidency.

“Everything in the office of the presidency cocoons you. It keeps you away from unpleasant things.” Dickerson said. “If that’s already your instinct, that’s only going to be exacerbated when you become president.”

To watch Sunday’s full broadcast of “Face the Nation,” click here.

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