Diane Gets Dumped

Survivor: The Team In Africa -- Diane Ogden
Postal carrier Diane Ogden was the first castaway voted off Survivor: Africa. She joined Julie Chen of The Early Show Friday morning to talk about her experience.

It was Clarence and the beans that did her in. That, and a lack of water.

In one of the dumber moves in all of the Survivor shows, members of the Boran tribe threw out two of their three gourds of water in the opening moments of the contest.

The reason?

They were too heavy to carry.

"It wasn't my idea. I think it was Kim and Lex - his idea to dump the water because it was too heavy. And by the time I got over there and I realized what they were doing, they were working on the third one, Ogden told Chen.

"I said 'What are you doing?' They're going, 'Well, like it's too heavy.' I said,'I'll carry it.' So I carried part of the last container and I knew, I knew we were going to - I knew we were done. I knew it."

Asked about the "fresh" water supply the tribe found, Ogden grimaced.

"Our water supply?," she said. "Elephant dung in the water. Little things swimming in there. And I'm like, even if we got fire, boiled this water - I don't think I'm going to drink the water."

Chen wanted to know if she did drink the water, and what it tasted like.

Ogden said she did drink a little, and that it tasted, "Pretty awful. Pretty awful."

The lack of water left her dehydrated after the first immunity challenge - one that her team lost. And that led to Clarence and the beans. She stayed behind while the rest of the tribe went hunting for water and Clarence offered to stay and take care of her.

"Clarence decided that I needed some food, although I didn't ask for the food," she said.

Chen noted that Clarence said Ogden had aske that wanted the can be opened.

"Yeah I know what he says. And I know what I know. I said, 'I can't eat anything at all. If I eat, I'm going be sick.' " Ogden speculated that he opened the beans "because he was hungry."

Chen wanted to know if she ate any of the beans.

"I ate like two spoonfuls. He kept saying you need to eat; you need to get your strength back. I said I can't eat this right now, I'll be sick. I did take two spoonfuls. But I only had two out of the can. I don't really know what happened after that."

At the tribal council Clarence said he felt betrayed by Diane. "Out of all the people who I hung out with, you told that we were the closest. When it came down to it, you lied on me for no reason and for that I can't forgive you, and I'm ashamed to tell you that the day I told you were like my mother. You're nothing like my mother."

In response to that Ogden said, "I knew he was lying. That's all I – no other way to put it. I don't lie. I guess if people want to thinK that, you know... that's fine. I know in my heart that I didn't lie."

Still she said they keep in touch, via email.

And as for her experience on Survivor ?

"You know, I waso sick and I was ready to go. I figured I already won anyway, just getting on the show."

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