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Patriots twins will make history when they play together in the Super Bowl

Patriots twins to make history at Super Bowl
Patriots twins to make history at Super Bowl 00:51

These identical twin brothers are making Super Bowl history. On Sunday, 31-year-old Devin and Jason McCourty will be the first twins in Super Bowl history to play as teammates. 

Devin, a free safety and a Patriots captain, will be playing in his fifth Super Bowl. If the New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams, it would be his third ring.  Jason, his younger brother — by 27 minutes — will be playing in his first Super Bowl as a cornerback for the Patriots. 

Devin has been with the Patriots since starting his NFL career in 2010, but the brothers ended up on the same team for the first time after Jason was traded from the Cleveland Browns in March 2018. They hadn't played together since college, when they both attended Rutgers University. In the three seasons they played together, Rutgers went to bowl games every time. 

"I think back to being a kid and playing Pop Warner football alongside my twin brother, I never could have imagined being here in this moment," Jason McCourty told CBS Boston. "It's just such a blessing to get to this point in our professional careers and do something special." Jason had never made it to the NFL playoffs until this season, having previously played for nine seasons with the Tennessee Titans and Cleveland Browns. 

Leading up to Super Bowl LIII, both brothers have shared what an honor it is to be playing together. But they've also had a little fun off the field. The best way to tell the brothers apart is when they are wearing their jerseys — Devin wears No. 32 and Jason wears No. 30. But on Thursday, they pulled a classic twin prank with reporters in Atlanta, swapping jerseys for their media session.

Their mom Phyllis Harrell has been their biggest supporter from the very beginning. Mama McCourty, as she goes by on Twitter, even wears a split jersey to their games — half-white, half-navy, half-30, half-32. "I'm so grateful because I get to see them live out their dream," Harrell said. "I didn't tell my sons this, but I did tell their wives: If they win the Super Bowl together, I'm going to grab some of the confetti and lay out on the field and do an angel." 

Win or lose, it's going to be quite a memorable day for the family. "This is just a great year," said Devin. "It's a special year. I don't know what could top this. This has been unbelievable." 

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