Denver fire attack: Four people set on fire in home invasion

Police in Denver searched for two suspects after they allegedly lit four people on fire in a home.
CBS Denver

(CBS/AP) DENVER - Four people were set on fire during an attack at a northwest Denver home and now police are searching for two suspects, CBS Denver reports.

Police spokesman Sonny Jackson says two unidentified men showed up at the front door of the residence at about 7:30p.m. Thursday.

A woman who lives at the home told CBS Denver that two men walked in and demanded drugs, threatening to set the place on fire. She believes they may have targeted the wrong home, the station reports.

Four people in the home were then sprayed with a flammable liquid from a pump bug sprayer and set afire with a propane torch.

One of the victims suffered serious injuries and was transported to a local hospital, while the other three suffered minor injuries.

Jackson says the matter is under investigation and a motive has not been determined.