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Dems Showcase College Kids Of Undocumented Immigrants

Democrats have not been shy about showcasing children during the children's health care debate, so they've decided to highlight the stories of three college-age kids of illegal immigrants in their push to pass an immigration measure.

Democratic leaders are pushing the DREAM Act, which would allow a limited number of children of illegial immigrants to become permanent residents, receive college aid and serve in the military, and have promised a procedural vote in the Senate tomorrow.

In an effort to humanize the issue of what happens to children of immigrants who came to the country illegally, Democrats plan to introduce Tam Tran, a 24-year old Vietnamese graduate student, Marie Gonzalez, a 21-year old Costa Rican college student, and Manuel Bartsch, a college sophomore from Germany. All three young adults, who will be introduced at an afternoon press briefing, have been in the United States for years, but their parents entered the country illegally.