Democratic super PAC goes after Trump's Russia connections

The Democratic super PAC American Bridge launched a website Thursday that maps out the complicated web of relationships between Russian power players and people in President Trump’s orbit.

With potentially four investigations into allegations of Russian interference in the U.S. election that have loomed over the administration since assuming office, the site points out Trumpworld’s questionable affiliations with shady characters -- relationships the administration has either denied or distanced itself from.

American Bridge’s cheekily named interactive website – -- organizes the links between Trump and individuals connected to Vladimir Putin and Russian entities.  

Click on the face of billionaire Wilbur Ross, Mr. Trump’s Secretary of Commerce, and his association with the Bank of Cyprus appears – “a bank known to help wealthy Russians launder money,” according to the website, with ties to Putin. It also showcases his relationships with the other Russian stakeholders in the bank, where Ross was previously an executive.

“ clears up the Administration’s lies by outlining the Trump world’s dangerous connections to shady Russian oligarchs and Kremlin officials,” Jessica Mackler, a spokesperson for American Bridge, said in a statement on the launch. “It shows the public just how far this scandal extends and further demonstrates the need for a special prosecutor overseeing the investigation of Trump’s ties to Russia.”

Press Secretary Sean Spicer has repeatedly criticized the media for being “obsessed” with a story that he continuously claims has no legs.

“Every single person that has been briefed on that secondary matter has said that they’ve seen nothing there, including Director Clapper, including others that have been briefed by Director Comey -- Senator Cotton, Senator Burr...over and over again,” Spicer told reporters today on Air Force One as the President was flying from Detroit to Nashville.