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Naked Cowboy and Uncle Dick: Moments you might have missed during the CBS News Democratic debate

SC Democratic debate highlights
South Carolina Democratic debate highlights 03:42

Seven Democratic candidates took the stage at the CBS News debate in Charleston, South Carolina, on Tuesday night, and the event covered a lot of issues in the race to take on President Trump later in the year. Here are three moments you may have missed during the sparring match between Michael Bloomberg, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Amy Klobuchar and Tom Steyer.

1. Naked Cowboy

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was asked about his past plans to combat obesity during his time in office. His attempt to tax sugary drinks was highly criticized, but at the Democratic debate, Bloomberg doubled down on that plan and said it was important to support public health efforts.

"What's right for New York City isn't right for every other city, otherwise we'd have a naked cowboy in every city," Bloomberg joked, to muted laughter. Bloomberg was referring to the campy, scantily clad "Naked Cowboy" who hangs out in Times Square — a walking tourist attraction who has become a fixture in the bustling midtown of Manhattan.

The Naked Cowboy's name is Robert Burck, who actually trademarked his stage name. Although he gives off a western vibe, the bizarre and comical Times Square stalwart is unique to New York, which is the point Bloomberg seemed to be making.

None of these things are quite like the other. The Naked Cowboy, Uncle Dick in the deer stand and "receipts" were all brought up during the CBS News Democratic debate in South Carolina. Getty

2. She's got receipts

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar stealthily sneaked in some millennial slang, saying she "had the receipts." During the segment on gun legislation, Klobuchar told former Vice President Joe Biden she has written bills to close loopholes in existing laws.

"I have the bill — anyone can check it out — to close the 'boyfriend loophole.' Also to close the 'Charleston loophole,' is another bill out there, for universal background checks," Klobuchar said. "But let me say how we win this. We got to win in the middle of the country. And while everyone talks about rural areas, suburban areas, I'm the only one up here with the receipts who has actually repeatedly — while being for the assault weapon ban — repeatedly won in Republican congressional districts over and over again."

"Receipts," of course, means a record. People with receipts have evidence and facts to back up their claims, and Klobuchar has often said she's got the receipts.

During last week's debate in Las Vegas, Klobuchar said she's the only one with the receipts to prove she brings in high voter turnout, including rural and suburban voters.

Assault weapon bans and background checks: Candidates on where they stand 09:27

3. Uncle Dick in the deer stand

Also during the segment on gun legislation, Klobuchar eked out a last thought, saying she judges gun control proposals on whether they affect her "Uncle Dick in the deer stand."

This final thought confused many. "Who is Uncle Dick?" some viewers wondered. "Uncle Dick in the deer stand" became a topic of discussion on Twitter on Tuesday night, but it's not the first time Klobuchar referred to her hunting uncle.

Minnesota's senior senator has brought up her Uncle Dick at recent events in Iowa and New Hampshire and during a CNN town hall earlier this month, according to the Associated Press. She hasn't said much else about him.

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