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Warren says progressives have "exactly one chance" to make change happen

Warren on Bloomberg's taxes
Warren attacks Bloomberg for not releasing taxes 01:07

Senator Elizabeth Warren made her case for why she should be the progressive candidate to win the Democratic presidential nomination over Senator Bernie Sanders, saying she has a proven track record of enacting change.

"Progressives are going to get exactly one chance to make transformative change," Warren said in an interview on CBSN following the tenth Democratic debate. "And that means we better have a leader who actually knows how to get in the fight and how to make change happen. That's something I have done."

Warren cited her work spearheading the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and fighting Wall Street, and said the policy proposals she has put forth across the presidential campaign are not only popular among Democrats, but also Independents and Republicans.

"That's how we get elected down ballot and it's how we govern. We start with the things, the good progressive things, that most of America actually wants to see," she said.

Warren was also pressed on whether she believes she will win her home state of Massachusetts when voters there head to the polls on Super Tuesday. The senator stopped short of definitively saying she believes she will come out on top, instead saying she is talking to voters everywhere.

"I'm out here making my case to everybody all across the nation," Warren said.

The Massachusetts senator reflected on her Senate race in 2012 when she went up against Republican incumbent Senator Scott Brown and said Massachusetts voters put their faith in her and helped her win.

"You have to remember about this, I've never been in politics before then and when I got in that race, I was down 17 points, but a lot of good folks in Massachusetts said you get out on point, you take on this race that a lot of people thought as not winnable by a Democrat and we'll come help you," she said.

Warren and six other Democrats took to the stage in Charleston, South Carolina, for the final debate before the primary there Saturday. The debate also marked the final chance for the candidates to go head-to-head before Super Tuesday.

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