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Demi Moore Not Perfect Enough for Perfume Ad; Before-and-After Pics Show Enthusiastic Use of PhotoShop

Helena Rubenstein appears to have used PhotoShop to turn Demi Moore into a plastic-skinned robot in its new ad for Wanted perfume. We know this because Jezebel found an unretouched picture of Moore in a nearly identical pose on Ashton Kutcher's Twitter feed:

A comparison of the two images shows that in the HR ad some of Moore's shoulder/back fat has been removed, the line from her nose to her mouth has been removed, she has thicker hair, shinier skin and larger breasts.

It's a telling set of edits because it shows that when the cosmetics industry is presented with one of the world's most attractive women it concludes she needs improvement.

HR's "improvements" are doubly ridiculous because the firm also released this "behind the scenes" video which clearly shows that Moore has the face of a beautiful middle aged woman, complete with pores, features and the normal lines created by smiling. Here's a screengrab; the video itself is below.

And finally: Check out this cover of W magazine. Looks like something horrible happened to Demi's leg.

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