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Delvonte Tisdale Mystery: Was N.C. Teen Murdered, or Did He Fall From a Plane?

Delvonte Tisdale Mystery: Was Teen Murdered or Did He Fall From a Plane?
Delvonte Tisdale (WBTV) WBTV

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (CBS/WBTV) Delvonte Tisdale was reported missing by his father Nov. 14 in Charlotte, N.C. So how did his mutilated body wind up nearly 850 miles away in an upscale neighborhood outside Boston, less than a day later?

Investigators are now reportedly looking at flight patterns at Logan International Airport on the "remote" possibility that the 16-year-old may have fallen from a plane's wheel well.

Tisdale's badly mutilated body was found Nov. 15 in Milton, Mass. south of Boston. Residents of the community where Tisdale's body was found said the remains were scattered over several properties, according to CBS affiliate WBTV.

Investigators were able to positively identify the remains using fingerprints from Tisdale's personal items provided by family members, but because of the "massive trauma" to the body an autopsy was unable to determine a cause of death, the station reported.

According to the police report filed with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, Tisdale was last seen in Charlotte at 11:30 p.m. on November 14th. His remains were found outside Boston - roughly a 16 hour drive from Charlotte -  around 9:30 p.m. the next night - 22 hours later.

Massport spokesman Phil Orlandella said that transitt head Tom Kinton has asked employees to look into what planes may have been flying over the area the night Tisdale was found. The area where Tisdale's body was found is within the approach path for runway 4R at Logan International Airport, CBS affiliate WBZ reported.

The Norfolk, Mass. District Attorney's office would not talk directly about the investigation, saying only that they are "investigating every possibility regarding how Delvonte Tisdale came to be found dead on Brierbrook Street."

Tisdale, who recently celebrated his 16th birth day on November 8, was an Air Force ROTC student at North Mecklenburg High School in North Carolina.

Maj. Mark Miller leads the ROTC at North Mecklenburg High School and said Tisdale was very dedicated to the program, at times spending up to 20 hours a week doing things for it.

"He aimed to please, and it didn't matter who was standing there," said Miller. "He was just a good kid."