Del. Man Breaks Into House, Gets Drunk, Calls 911 When He Can't Get Out, Say Police

John Finch (CBS/KWY)
Del. Man Breaks Into House, Gets Drunk, Then Calls 911 After He Can't Get Out
John Finch (CBS/KYW)

WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS/KYW/AP) Police in Delaware say a man broke into a house, got drunk and couldn't make his way out - so he called 911 for help.

New Castle County police say 44-year-old John Finch was trapped in the home in part because he'd broken into it before, back in April.

That led the homeowner to change the locks so that a key was required - even inside.

Police say no one was home when Finch broke in again, through a rear window. He stayed for a few days, drinking three bottles of gin and two bottles of whiskey. When he tried to leave, he was too drunk to climb back out of the window and called 911. He was arrested Wednesday afternoon.

Finch now faces charges in both break-ins. According to CBS affiliate KYW, police say he was admitted to a hospital and has yet to make a court appearance.