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Death Report of Bin Laden Son Believable

A senior Western diplomat speaking to CBS News strengthened this morning's report that Osama bin Laden's son Saad has died.

"Intelligence information suggests Saad bin Laden has not been in communication with anyone for a few months now. That strengthens speculation over his death," a NATO-country ambassador said to CBS News' Farhan Bokhari in Islamabad, Pakistan, Thursday night.

Speaking to CBS News on condition of anonymity, the ambassador said, "So far, there is no indication that he was anywhere near his father if and when killed. Osama bin Laden is apparently still alive." This was the first time that a senior western diplomat in the Pakistani capital independently confirmed the report since NPR quoted an unnamed counterterrorism official reporting the younger bin Laden's death.

Earlier on Thursday, a Pakistani government official who spoke on condition of anonymity said the claim of Saad bin Laden's death could not be ascertained unless his body was found. "I am skeptical because in the past too, we have heard of high profile terrorists including Osama bin Laden being dead but then they have resurfaced," he told CBS News.