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Dead dogs left outside Dallas shelter to protest animal services

DALLAS -- A vocal critic of Dallas Animal Services has left two dead dogs outside an animal shelter to show her frustration with what she says is city hall's slow response to stray and dead canines.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Marina Tarashevska dropped the two dead animals outside the shelter's entrance when she brought them there and didn't get a response.

Tarashevska says she reported one of the dead dogs using the city's 311 mobile app, which told her the case was closed within 20 minutes of the report's filing, even though the dog was still on the street.

A city spokesman says Tarashevska's request was closed because it was referred to the Texas Department of Transportation. He says staff was unable to get more information about the case when they asked her outside the shelter.

In July, Tarashevska told about a South Dallas neighborhood that had become a dumping ground for both living and dead dogs.

"It's depressing. Sometimes I just want to go hide in a corner and not see this stuff," Tarashevska told the station.

Tarashevska recorded video of bags and bags of discarded pets - tossed out like pieces of trash.

"And there are some more. It smells so bad," Tarashevska told the station.

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