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DC takes to Twitter for info... and comic relief

CBS News

When a 5.9 earthquake hit a Virginia town south nation's Capitol Tuesday, Washingtonians turned to Twitter for information, to contact friends and relatives, and... comic relief.

As CBS News political analyst and avid tweeter John Dickerson put it, "When the ground starts shaking you're supposed to rush to shelter in Twitter, right?"

Within minutes after DC rumbled, the historic quake even had a Twitter handle- @DC_Earthquake, first tweeting "I have what it takes to get Congress moving again."

Here are some of Hotsheet's favorite tweets from DC journalists, analysts and politicos:

@Burgerinfo: So now Washington is still doing nothing - just outside.

Tim Burger, journalist

@pareene: I think Chris Christie just jumped into the race

Alex Pareene,

@politicoroger: S&P has downgraded earthquake to a 2.0.

Roger Simon, Politico

@JFKucinich: Has someone checked the debt ceiling? If that thing is broken Congress is going to be soooo mad.

Jackie Kucinich, USA Today

@FamousDC: Dems rejoice - news sources say Washington Monument is leaning left #DCQuake

@murphymike: Bachmann out first with statement: as President she'll lower quakes to 2.9...

Mike Murphy, GOP political consultant

@TonyFratto: California: Grow up. Signed, the East Coast.

Tony Fratto, former White House official

@dthornell: Dibs on the "I survived the dc earthquake" tee shirt.

Doug Thornell, political strategist

@EricFehrn: How long before Obama and his advisers add "earthquake" to the blame list for the bad economy?

Eric Fehrnstorm, political consultant

@MoRocca: Washington is Hollywood for ugly people. Even the earthquakes are second-rate.

Mo Rocca, comedian

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