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David Bowie's 'Changes'

After almost four decades in the music industry, David Bowie shows no signs of slowing down.

His current album, "Heathen," has sold a million copies and debuted at the top of the charts in 15 countries around the world, garnering some of the best reviews of Bowie's career.

Bowie concluded a "New York City Marathon Tour" in Autumn where he performed five different nights in five different venues in each of New York's five boroughs following the route of the forthcoming New York City Marathon. He has also spent this entire summer on a promotional tour around the world. .

Bowie has proven to be able to re-invent himself successfully. From Ziggy Stardust, to the elegant Thin White Duke, the singer/songwriter has remained relevant to old and new fans.

And yet, he says growing up he did not know until quite late in his teens if he was going to go into music or painting. "I kept vacillating back and forth. And I picked music eventually," and his fans are thankful for it.

Recently, it was reported that he said his writing is as good as it has ever been and that he feels now he is coming into his own terms of the strength of what his doing. "I hope it wasn't said immodestly," says Bowie.

"It's really about the ease with which I'm writing. Not the quality or whatever. That's debatable. That's somebody else's judgment. But for me personally, I get a sense of I'm writing in a very natural way. It's not a problem to write. And I keep writing. And it's just glorious. I love this part of my life. It's as it should be. I can't say anything more."

Facts About David Bowie

  • Bowie did not make music videos for the "Heathen" album. Instead, he made a 60-second commercial for it
  • Bowie plays many of the instruments in "Heathen"
  • Bowie co-headlined with Moby in the Area2 Tour this past summer, uniting generations of music fans
  • This past June, he assembled the artists for the "Meltdown Festival" in the U.K. that boasted some of his favorite artists in a month of music, film and visual arts
  • Bowie was recently chosen as "The Most Influential Rock Artist of All Time" in England's music weekly, New Musical Express, by writers and recording artists