Davey Johnson Tops Dodgers' List

It's pretty much back to square one for the Los Angeles Dodgers in their search for a new manager.

General manager Kevin Malone was hoping to lure Felipe Alou from the Montreal Expos, but Alou decided to remain in Montreal on Sunday.

"I knew this was a possibility," Malone said from his home in Los Angeles. "I had talked to a few other people. Now, it's a matter of reviving and beginning the process and interviewing the other talented and qualified candidates. There are about six or seven on the short list."

Malone wouldn't identify potential candidates, but previously he has mentioned Davey Johnson and Kevin Kennedy, former managers who were out of baseball this year, as possibilities.

Johnson is a former manager of the New York Mets, Cincinnati Reds and Baltimore Orioles, while Kennedy, who worked in the Dodgers' organization for 10 years, managed the Texas Rangers and Boston Red Sox.

Malone also said some of the people he's interested in are employed by other teams.

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"I don't know if I can get permission to speak with them," he said.

Malone said he believed Alou was pressured to stay in Montreal, but wished his longtime friend the best of luck.

"He was very interested in this opportunity," Malone said. "He felt obligated to stay, see it through in Montreal. At least out of all of this, he's going to be compensated.

"I'm disappointed probably because he's a friend and I felt like it would have been a good fit. It wasn't a good fit. The way I look at it, we will get the right man for the job. For whatever reason, this wasn't the right fit, and we know the reasons. If it was the right fit, he'd be coming."

Malone had hoped to have a successor to Glenn Hoffman in place before next weekend -- the start of the World Series -- but that almost surely won't happen now.

"The timing about having someone in place before the World Series was directly related to Felipe Alou and Jim Leyland," Malone said. "The sooner the better, but I've said all along, the most important aspect of this is I hae the best man in place to manage the Dodgers.

"There's no real rush. I'm not going to rush the process."

Leyland, briefly mentioned as a candidate for the Dodgers job, agreed to a contract with the Colorado Rockies after stepping down as manager of the Florida Marlins.

Malone spent three days in the Dominican Republic last week meeting with Alou, who has managed the Expos since 1992. Malone was the general manager in Montreal in 1994-95.

Alou had one year remaining on his contract with the Expos before agreeing to a new three-year deal reportedly making him one of baseball's highest-paid managers.

Although the Expos granted the Dodgers permission to speak with Alou, they said they intended to do all they could to keep him, and that's what happened.

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