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Dave's Wet 'n' Wild Vacation

If you decide to vacation at Niagara Falls, be prepared to become damp.

Whether you're fishing, boating or sliding under the Falls on the Maid of the Mist, chances are you'll want to dry off at some point.

Dave Price learned this when he spent the day with Derek Presti, who was his park ambassador for the day. Presti, who works at the Niagara Falls State Park — the oldest state park in the United States — took him around the area so he could get his bearings.

First stop was the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls, where "176 feet up is the water" and the flow is 75,000 gallons every second, Presti said.

Later, he and Dave braved the "hurricane deck," which is just 15 feet from the water — an experience Dave referred to as "a tourist attraction that really awakens all of your senses" — mostly because of the brisk 55 degree water temperature.

Then the pair went off to go jet boating through Class 5 rapids on the Niagara River. Also along for the ride was a class of high school seniors, an experience that bonded them for life, or at least until they pulled into the dock.

Finally, Dave decided to participate in one of the region's most popular pastimes, sport fishing.

Captain Frank Campbell of Niagara Region Charter took Dave out on the river for some Fishing 101 instruction.

As a result, Dave will be keeping -- in fact, he'll be grasping tightly with both hands to -- his day job.

Dave's last stop was the awe-inspiring Maid of the Mist, the boat that takes poncho-clad tourists under the Falls where they can experience the pulse-pounding, heart-racing effect of the water pouring down.

Said Dave: "It is really an incredible ride."

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