"Cradle to Stage": Dave Grohl and his mom Virginia talk new book

Dave Grohl & his mom on new book

Rock legend and front man for the Foo Fighters Dave Grohl is making way for someone else to step into the spotlight -- his mom.

Virginia Hanlon Grohl is sharing personal stories about her son's rise to stardom as well as those from many other mothers to music icons in her new book, "From Cradle to Stage: Stories from the Mothers Who Rocked and Raised Rock Stars."


The Grohls joined "CBS This Morning" to discuss the book and what it was like to speak with the mothers of superstars like Pharrell Williams, Kelly Clarkson and Dr. Dre.

Grohl says his mom has always been cool. "She's very cool. Always. She was the cool teacher at our high school."

Most importantly, she was cool when her son decided to devote his life to being a musician. During her conversations with other mothers, she found a specific age when that decision tends to arise.

 "Always, consistently -- write this down -- 12 to 13," Virginia said.  

On watching her son perform, Virginia said, "That's my favorite thing, when I'm watching from the side of the stage from right behind the curtain. I watch the audience and watch that energy transferred and I see them moving and bouncing and smiling and holding up their signs and singing along."

Staying in school is one of the harder things musicians -- and their mothers -- have to deal with.

"School is very difficult. No one is assisting them in their love of this thing they're obsessed with," Virginia said. "I could never make that different for him. And I was in the school. I was a part of that whole system. But it just -- they had nothing for him," Virginia said.

The rock star said he "absolutely" wouldn't be the same person he is today without his mother, who always encouraged him.