Dangerous Liaisons

How Far Would You Go For Love?

Produced by Chuck Stevenson, Marty Zied and Chris Young

This story originally aired Oct. 14, 2006. It was updated July 25, 2008.

Sandee Rozzo was an outgoing young woman, with dreams of becoming a model and making it big in the movie business. After a troubled romance, Sandee was murdered - shot multiple times just moments after she pulled her car into the garage.

As Maureen Maher reports, police eyed suspects and faced one crucial question: would someone kill for love?

Sandee will always be remembered as a vivacious young woman devoted to her big dreams and gorgeous body. "She's been doing modeling on and off since she was in high school," Sandee's mom remembers.

She was into weight lifting and always caring about her body, and her mom says Sandee wanted to get into the movie business. "She had the body, the face - she was perfect," her mother says.

Sandee spent her days looking for her next modeling gig; by night, she tended bar at some of the hottest clubs in Tampa.

"It was fun," recalls Heather Ursini, who worked with Sandee. "Sandee was beautiful and a lot of men would just flock to her because of how beautiful she was."

Sandee was divorced, with a teenage daughter, Giovanna, but her ex-husband had custody. At 37 years old, Sandee had never given up on finding someone special to share her life with.

"She was doing was most single girls do, trying to find Mr. Right," says Mitch Eubanks, Sandee's friend and hair stylist, who was also her confidant.

Then one day, into Sandee's life walked Timothy "Tracey" Humphrey - a 6'2", buff muscleman, who told everyone that he was a former underwear model and pro football player.

Friends say he had a reputation as a top personal trainer, popular with his clients, especially his female clients. "He was very gentle and was good at what he did," says Kelly Terrell, who met Tracey at the gym. "A lot of girls thought he was really good looking."

They met at a nightclub where they both worked, she at the bar, Tracey at the door.

"Tracey Humphrey? Men were intimidated by him, women all over him. You know Tracey, if he would see a pretty woman walk in, he'd open the rope and there she goes," says Tracey's close friend Hector Adorno.

Kelly remembers Tracey as someone who was sexy and charismatic. "He told me he was supposed to be Vin Diesel's stunt double," she says.

"He constantly bragged about who he was. And what he's done in his lifetime. And that, to a lot of people, was interesting," says Hector.

Tracey, the buff underwear model, also said he was Tom Cruise's bodyguard for a while.

But he says Sandee knew nothing about his colorful resume, and that actually, he was attracted to her beauty.

"She caught my attention right away," he tearfully remembers. "She was so much fun to be around. Not like most people. She was a great lady."

Tracey says he and Sandee dated about three or four months and recalls the experience as "real intense."

As far as sex was concerned, Hector says Sandee and Tracey's relationship was very physical. "He said she liked violent sex, that she liked rough sex," Hector says.