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"Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars" elimination Week 4: Bristol gone, order restored

Bristol Palin pulls out a little Funky Chicken wing flap during her Rock and Roll number on "Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars" on Monday, Oct. 15, 2012 ABC

The Bristol effect, the surge of fan votes that kept Bristol Palin afloat and sank better performers, faltered in Week 4 as the 21-year-old Alaskan was sent packin'.

Her ouster ends the specter of a rancorous repeat of 2010, when fan votes kept awful, awkward Palin on the show at the expense of much superior dancers. Palin, who is a much better performer now, was still a long notch below the half-dozen superb dancers in this season's lineup.

It isn't only that Bristol is a mediocre dancer. There have been other performers with her lack of skills or even worse, who were immensely more fun to watch. She's just very young and a little boring.

"We did it , we made it to Week 4, and I'm happy with that. I had an awesome time," said Palin as parents Todd and Sarah watched from the audience.

When Palin survived the double elimination that sent home two former "DWTS" champions last week, it started a firestorm of comments on the recap story.

"Bristol Palin has proven herself to be a spoiled, pretentious, self-centered brat. Not since, "BABY-JANE HUDSON" pranced across the stage have we ever seen such a pitiful lack of talent from an indulgent precocious child," wrote one reader.

"Seriously, America, how can you continue to keep Bristol Palin on this show? Talent aside, she's not even entertaining unless you consider whining worthy of prime time," wrote another reader.

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