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Dancing With The Stars

There are only four couples left on this Halloween edition of "Dancing With The Stars."

Joey goes first with the "Addams Family"-themed tango and does a great job. He is usually strong in ballroom, and tonight he's on top of his game. Scores: Carrie 10 Len 9 Bruno 9. What a great way to start the show.

Latin lover Mario is up next, and his partner, Karina, just about kicks his butt in rehearsal for not holding his frame and listening to her. I think this is like a kindergarten romance when you yell and hit the other person it really means you like them. They are doing the waltz. The judges seemed to like it, but I thought it was a little slow for me. Scores: Carrie 9 Len 9 Bruno 10.

Monique is next on the floor, doing the tango. Monique is usually the best of the pack, but tonight I felt that her legs were stiff — almost looking stuck-together. It was not my favorite, but they were still good — and the ending with Louie giving her a big vampire bite on the neck at the end was great. Scores: Carrie 8 Len 8 Bruno 8.

Emmit is up last in this round, and he is doing the foxtrot. The dance was amazing, Emmit was amazing. Cheryl, his partner, was amazing. I loved it! My favorite dance so far, it was smooth — and this guy has rhythm and then some. Head judge Len had a little fit because he said they weren't in the proper foxtrot hold for a majority of the time, but Bruno pooh-poohs him. Scores: Carrie 8 Len 8 Bruno 10.

Round two, here we go.

Joey is doing the paso doble for his second dance. It was also good — there was a lot of passion. It wasn't perfect, but it was good. Scores: Carrie 9 Len 8 Bruno 9.

Mario dances the samba in his second time around. The dance was high energy and to the song "Superstition." which I love. I think they did a great job! Scores: Carrie 10 Len 9 Bruno 10.

Monique's second dance is the cha cha to the "Ghostbusters" theme. I thought it was good, but there was a trick at the end that didn't look like it turned out like they wanted it to, I almost thought he was going to fall on top of her. Despite that, it was very entertaining. Scores: Carrie 9 Len 10 Bruno 10.

The last dance goes to Emmit, doing the rumba. It was great! I think this guy is the front-runner. It was classy and elegant. Scores: Carrie 9 Len 10 Bruno 10.

That's it for the Halloween episode!