Dan Gordon-Levitt, Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Brother, Dies at Age 36

Cast member Joseph Gordon-Levitt arrives for the premiere of "Inception," on July 13 2010, in Los Angeles.
Dan Gordon-Levitt is seen in a picture posted on his blog.
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NEW YORK (CBS) Joseph Gordon-Levitt's brother Dan has died, the actor confirmed on his Twitter account Tuesday night. He was 36.

Gordon-Levitt called his older brother "my super hero," and someone who "embodied that bold beastly bliss sometimes referred to as 'the creative spirit.'"

"My super hero brother @burningdan 1974-2010. Celebrate his life here," he wrote.

He spoke more on his multimedia website, where Dan was a partner.

"BURNING dAN brightly embodied that bold beastly bliss sometimes referred to as 'the creative spirit.' He was my chief collaborator on the foundational incarnations of over the years and continues to inspire us ever the more. He would absolutely positively insist that we not let this bad news deter us on our collective mission. That said, I might not feel up to it for a little while," Gordon-Levitt wrote.

"Watching this community blossom into what it has become never ceased to amaze him and me. We would regularly marvel at it and high five. Thank you all for that. There he is now pouring heaping hollowed watermelons full of love over each and every one of us."

Dan Gordon-Levitt, nicknamed "Burning Dan," was known for his involvement in the annual Burning Man festival in Nevada, as well as being an active photographer and fire dancer. He founded the Flow Temple, a school and performance group for Flow Arts that was based in Venice, Calif., according to The Wrap.

People magazine reports that he was found unresponsive in his Hollywood home in the early morning hours of Monday, according to the LA County Coroner. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The cause of death was unknown and an autopsy was pending.