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Father-son cocaine smugglers both going to prison

AURORA, Colo. - A father and son have been sentenced to prison for bringing 72 pounds of cocaine on a private plane last year, reports CBS Denver.

Vincent Salzano, 57, received five years in prison and was also fined $5,000. His son, Armando Salzano, 33, was sentenced to four years in prison and was hit with a $30,000 fine.

Vincent Salzano, who had previous convictions for cocaine distribution, pleaded guilty in June to planning to distribute the drugs, estimated to be worth around $1 million, according to the station.

Federal agents said Vincent Salzano picked up the cocaine in McAllen, Texas, along the United States-Mexico border, reboarded the plane, and was in the process of transporting the drugs to Atlanta when he was stopped in Baton Rouge, La.

Agents were alerted due to the plane's suspicious flight plan, reports CBS Denver.

According to court documents, agents found about 30 packaged bundles of cocaine weighing roughly 33 kilograms among luggage belonging to the Salzanos.

Vincent took sole responsibility for the drugs, telling the agents his son had no knowledge of them.

He pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute. His son pleaded guilty to conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute.

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