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Dad drops daughter trying to catch foul ball

You're sitting at the ballgame, holding your kid. Before you know it, a foul ball is coming your way - tantalizingly within reach.

What do you do?

If you're this guy (see video above) at the Dodgers-Marlins game the other night, you drop your daughter and try to catch the ball. (He didn't.)

Maybe this doesn't constitute child abuse but it's pretty awful parenting. At least his daughter has the sense to slap him for his absentminded act.

The unidentified Dodgers fan should take some parenting notes from Tiffany Goodwin. You might recall just two weeks ago, she was able to spear a foul ball with her left hand - while cradling her toddler in her right hand. She caught the ball and protected her kid.

Baby-cradling mom catches foul ball

It's safe to say Goodwin got a heart-felt mother's day card last month. As for this guy? He might just get another scolding slap on June 19.