Dad builds a backyard roller coaster for his daughter

(CBS News) Yesterday we showed you an amazing video of an innovative father who upgraded a drivable toy car into so much more. Well, it seems we haven't seen the last of creative dads doing amazing things for their children. Check out this father who built a backyard roller coaster for his daughter in the video above. Yeah, you read that right: a backyard roller coaster. The ride kicks in at about 30 seconds into the clip.

Okay, so with some obvious safety concerns aside (I really hope she's strapped into that cart securely!), how cool is that? And her squeals of joy as she's riding the homemade PVC roller coaster - total adorable overload and priceless! The video was posted by YouTube user makethesale1 and has definitely put him in the running against our dad from yesterday for being one of the coolest and creative dads caught-on-tape in 2012.  What do you all think?  As always, feel free to leave me some comment love below.