Czech President nabs a pen with a mischievous grin

Vaclav Klaus steals pen

(CBS) - It's hard being the leader of a first-world country. Long hours, endless headaches, and worst of all, not enough pens! Vaclav Klaus, president of the Czech Republic, knows what that's like. That might explain why he pilfered a pen at a recent meeting in Chile. Czech television - Cesca Televize - was on the scene and provides the video.

It's the gleeful smile he gives once the pen is safely in his pocket that really seals it. Oh, Vaclav, you rascal. To be fair, organizers probably would have let him keep the pen anyway. But where's the fun in that? Maybe he just likes Czech journalist Nora Fridrichova making (what we assume are) witty comments at his expense. Nail him, Nora!