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Crossroads ad targets Obama's pledge to move country "forward"

(CBS News) Seeking to undermine the Democratic message in the middle of the party's presidential nominating convention, American Crossroads, the Karl Rove-linked super PAC, is out with a new ad Wednesday questioning whether President Obama is leading the U.S. not forward but "backward."

The 30-second spot, which will air for one week in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, and Virginia at a cost of $6.6 million, takes aim the president's campaign slogan even as voters watching the Democratic festivities from home this week are likely to see images of delegates waving campaign signs touting it.

"President Obama says he'll move us forward. But where's he taken us so far?" asks the ad's narrator. "America's worst economic recovery ever: 23 million of us without full-time work; family incomes down; 40 percent living paycheck to paycheck, and Obamacare's new tax on middle-class families, all while Obama racked up $5 trillion more in debt - is that really forward? Or backward?"

In bold text on the screen, Crossroads offers an answer to that question: "Backward. We can't afford 4 more years," it reads.

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