Crimson Tide Was Born to Win

Turning our focus to the Major Story of the week, as I'm sure all of you are acutely aware, it's T minus 33 hours until kickoff in Pasadena, when the Crimson Tide ("They got a name for the winners of the world") squares off against the Longhorns ("I Want a Name when I Lose"). Now I don't think we Tide fans could get any more fired up, but an Alabama musician has a new song out for the game just in case.
I highly recommend playing it at full volume all day today and tomorrow, especially if you have those extra speakers on your office computer. You can listen to it here. There's a power ballad feel evocative of those great '80s bands from my college days, but it's really the lyrics that go the distance: "We got a line and they can block; It's game time, we're gonna rock…and Roll Tide Roll."
Seriously, how great is that?
And this: "Defense, offense. Lose the game? Nonsense. Until the end, we won't give in, Crimson Tide was born to win."
Ok, maybe it won't have the staying power of that Steely Dan classic, Deacon Blues. And it doesn't quite match the unrestrained euphoria a stadium full of fans (yours truly, included) singing, "Hey Tigers, we just beat the hell out of you." But I gotta say, it's pretty catchy. It's time to rock…and Roll Tide Roll.
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    Jan Crawford is CBS News Chief Political and Legal Correspondent. She is from "Crossroads," Alabama.