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Create Multiple User Accounts for a Shared iPad

If you've experimented with deploying a newfangled slate device like the iPad in your office, you've probably encountered one of its most glaring shortcomings -- designed primarily as a consumer gadget, it typically only supports a single user account. That's a problem if you want a team, for example, to share a single iPad. Now thwere is an app that lets multiple users share a single iPad and maintain separate identities.

Our iPad lets multiple users access a single iPad, each with their own separate password-protected account.

I should caveat that Our iPad isn't the answer to every IT manager's dreams, though. First and foremost, it's really designed (like the iPad itself) for consumers, and in particular, this app targets families who want to share a device. But that doesn't mean you can't leverage it in the office.

Our iPad does not actually create separate log-ons and user accounts like you'd expect with an OS like Windows. Instead, it's an app that sets up any number of unique accounts for identity-driven services like Gmail and Facebook. That means most of the apps on your iPad are still community property, but there's a firewalled zone users can go to to get webmail.

Right now, Our iPad supports Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Twitter, and Facebook, with more services promised. Users don't need to enter passwords to get to their accounts; the program recognizes a user-specified lock pattern for easy access. It automatically signs users out when the iPad is idle or goes to sleep for added security.

Our iPad is free, and could make it easier for your team to share an iPad around the office.

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