Create Custom Coupons for Your Facebook and Twitter Followers

New Web service Woobox allows businesses to create offers especially for Facebook fans or Twitter followers. It's a free and easy way to reward current customers, attract new ones, and promote your business.

To use Woobox, just sign up for an account, then create a new offer. Supply a title, details, and any restrictions, then choose various offer details (like when it should end and whether it should have a fixed or unlimited number of coupons).

Woobox can automatically generate coupon codes for your promotion, a huge plus if you're concerned about fraud. It also gives you the option of limiting coupons to one per e-mail address or one per Facebook/Twitter user.

Finally, choose who's allowed to get the coupon: anyone, anyone who follows you on Twitter, or anyone who "likes" you on Facebook.

With that done, you'll get a URL you can share wherever. Folks who click the link will see the few steps they need to complete to get the coupon. Simple as that!

Woobox lets you keep tabs on each offer's status, number of views, number of coupons redeemed, and so on. It's a terrific little service for any business looking for easy, effective, and inexpensive social-media promotions.