"Craigslist Murder" Trial Update: Closing statements to begin in Richard Beasley case

The Ohio teen charged in a series of murders of men who answered an ad on Craigslist will find out if he will be tried as an adult on Dec. 15. Brogan Rafferty, 16, faces juvenile charges of aggravated murder, complicity to aggravated murder, attempted murder and complicity to attempted murder in the death of one man and the shooting of another.
File, AP Photo/Summit County Sheriff Department
Richard Beasley
File, AP Photo/Summit County Sheriff Department

(CBS/AP) AKRON, Ohio - The murder trial of Richard Beasley, the alleged triggerman in the killings of three men lured by phony Craigslist job offers in Ohio, is winding down.

The trial judge in Akron has scheduled closing statements on Monday. Then the case against 53-year-old Beasley will go to the jury for deliberations.

He is charged with killing three men and wounding a fourth man. Beasley, an ex-convict and one-time street preacher, could face the death penalty if convicted.

He says he knew nothing about the killings and was attacked by the lone survivor as retaliation for serving as a police informant.

Eighteen-year-old co-defendant Brogan Rafferty was convicted and sentenced last year to life in prison without chance of parole. He was subpoenaed to testify against Beasley but the prosecution never called him to the stand.

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