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Craig Speaks. Again!

And now, Installment No. 29 of the Larry Craig Chronicles.

The embattled senator and his wife, Suzanne, sat down with NBC News’ Matt Lauer for an interview tonight that broke little new ground, but served up plenty of fresh material for comedians and more than a few shield-your-eyes moments given a) the subject matter; b) the respondent; and c) the national forum.

-- “It is ‘no’ to both,” Craig said when asked if he was either gay or bisexual.

-- Suzanne Craig said she “did a lot of soul searching and asked whether I had missed something” that hinted at homosexuality. “I honestly believe that my husband has always been faithful to me in every way,” Suzanne said.

-- “I pulled my pants up and stepped out,” Larry Craig said, explaining what he did after a Minneapolis airport police officer, who was conducting a gay sex sting operation, thrust his card under the bathroom divider and ordered him out of the stall.