Couple Escapes Death From Raging River

Early Show - Rescue - Feb. 26, 2009
A couple narrowly escaped death after being caught by rising rapids in Rimrock, Ariz., and as a dramatic rescue played out, cameras rolled.

When Heather Coules and her boyfriend tried to cross a creek in their All-Terrain Vehicle, ATV, they were swept away by strong, fast-moving currents.

There was just one place to hold on - a lone tree. That's where they clung for almost three hours in a bitter cold torrent fed by melting snow.

Finally, as hypothermia began setting in, a swiftwater rescue team managed to pull them to safety. Rescuers say the creek didn't look that deep, but on this night, it nearly claimed two lives.

Coules and one of her rescuers, Jake Cecil, shared their amazing story with Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez and showed their dramatic rescue, which was caught on tape.