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Copter Rescues In Arizona Rain

Extreme weather conditions are pervasive around the country. Last week the west coast was broiling hot. Now weekend temperatures in New England will be climbing up to 95 degrees, and the Mid-Atlantic states may go up to 100 degrees. CBS News' Craig Allen reports.

Meantime, Arizona is enduring severe rain storms. On Thursday, the floods from the rain wiped out roads and trails, forcing rescue workers with helicopters to airlift dozens of people, horses and squealing pigs.

The Catalina Mountains in southern Arizona were hit hard as thick clouds swept in from Tucson and dumped the nearly seven inches of rain overnight.

Within hours, a seven-foot wall of water rushed through Sabino Canyon, a popular camping spot in the Catalinas, snapping small trees in half. Several hikers hid inside public toilets and were later stranded as the water spilled over the trails.

A rescue helicopter eventually plucked the hikers from the tops of the restrooms.

In Tuscon, George Good and his rescue crew pulled two women from a barn roof, and rescued eight horses. They later moved three gray pigs to safety in wheelbarrows.

"Those weren't trained pigs, they just didn't jump in there," Good said. "We had to pull up on their tails to keep their feet from digging down in the mud."

There were several other rescues as creeks and rivers swelled, trapping some people.

Grand Canyon National Park rangers airlifted 26 soggy campers out of a campground as nearly three-quarters of an inch of new rain fell. Park crews already had begun clearing what was left of hiking trails in the canyon.

"It's messy," said Michael Polletta, a park ranger. "It's really not like anything I've experienced before."

Officials have closed the 9-mile-long Bright Angel Trail that leads from the southern rim to the canyon's bottom and part of the North Kaibab trail while crews repair the damage. Some of the canyon's campgrounds were closed, said Sandra Perl, a spokeswoman for Grand Canyon National Park.

The state is expected to get a break from the monsoon weather in the next couple of days, with mostly sunny weather and highs in the low 100s.