Cops say dad punched man for looking at his daughter

Unidentified assault suspect who allegedly punched another man at a Wawa convenience store in Upper Darby, Pa., because the second man was looking at his daughter

CBS Philly

UPPER DARBY, Pa. - Police in suburban Philadelphia say a suspect went too far when he punched a man at a convenience store for allegedly looking at his daughter, reports CBS Philly. Officers are now looking for the assailant.

The incident happened around 5 p.m. Sunday at a Wawa in Upper Darby, according to the station. Authorities said a man, who was in the store with his teenage daughter, approached a 47-year-old man who was ordering a sandwich.

"He accused the victim of looking at his daughter," said Police Supt. Michael Chitwood.

Chitwood told the station the father then punched the victim in the face.

"There is no indication that the victim said anything to this young lady or touched this young lady," Chitwood said. "The accusation was he was looking at her."

He said the victim denies the charge and that police are treating this as an assault case.

The victim suffered a laceration to his head and a possible concussion, according to police, who said the suspect left the scene in a four-door car, possibly a Ford.